The Virtue of Patience

Lack of sleep can really tank your patience meter.

In being the one that people called when they were having issues, on and occasion I would have an especially challenging sleeper.

Before I knew about sleep training as a young nanny.. I would be putting a baby down to sleep, drenched in a cold sweat, on my 3rd try of making .. only to know deep down that the second that baby left my arms, the whole process would start all over again. Has this ever happened to you??

It is not a good feeling.

Before I knew there was another way, the techniques I would try would be endless and ridiculous, always striving to help mothers get better sleep and have an easier time doing so.

At one point I swore at the time, one of my little’s would only fall asleep if I repeatedly did squats as I was holding them. Convincing myself that movement would distract this little from crying.. my legs did not make it and I was in search of yet another method.

Regrettably, on occasion, when I was out of answers, I would tell parents.. “maybes this is the season you will just have to ‘get through'”.

I didn’t know the answers at the time, but it began my curiosity into all things sleep, searching for better answers for my families as I did not want to fail them.

If only I knew then what I know now…NOW we know it DOES NOT have to be like this and there is a MUCH better way!

It does not have to be this hard and you definitely DO NOT have to go through all the trials I went through as a nanny trying to solve everyone’s sleep issues.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of families helping them strengthen the bond with their children and understand signals their children were trying to communicate.

Ultimately, I was successful in alleviating the stress that lack of sleep (for the whole family) undoubtedly brings and since have helped hundreds of families get back to feeling like themselves again, thus thriving instead of merely surviving.

Need some answers to help you thrive??

Just a quick phone call, DM, or email away!!

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