Meet Jaime

As an experienced sleep consultant, Jaime Dolphin is incredibly passionate about supporting families as they learn to implement positive sleep habits. During her 13+ years as a care provider, Jaime frequently found herself brainstorming and developing solutions for the various sleep challenges her families faced. When she saw the positive impact that more sleep could have on overall family wellness, she was inspired to turn her interest into a practice, and thus began her business, New Family Sleep Solutions.

Though she ultimately pursued a career in child and family care, Jaime holds her love of art and design close and rarely turns down an opportunity to discuss a baby product that needs to exist.

Her interest in sleep is rooted in personal experience. As a young child Jaime did not sleep even once through the night for the first three years of her life. As the eldest child of three, her parents were desperate, flummoxed, and extremely sleep deprived. Jaime is well aware of the long lasting effects of sleep deprivation because now, 27 years later, her parents still like to remind her of their struggle!

Jaime is a certified Pediatric Sleep Trainer for infants and toddlers from the Institute of Pediatric Sleep And Parenting. She is extremely dedicated to helping as many parents as she can to overcome their children’s sleeping challenges, thus improving the overall well-being of the family.

Jaime has worked with all types of families, including those in the depths of postpartum stress disorders such as postpartum anxiety, OCD and depression. She understands the need for quality help with sleep issues and maternal support and is eager to apply her experience and knowledge needed to help families find the right solution.

What are your goals for your child’s sleep?
What can you do RIGHT NOW to help your family sleep better?
Jaime guarantees you judgment-free, personalized, and holistic support tailored specifically to your child’s personality and your parenting style.

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